Farewell to 8BIT

Two years ago, I spent a year working with 8BIT that reshaped most of what I think about work. Something about the “work hard, play hard” mentality just made sense. At the end of my internship, John wrote a post called “Farewell to Batman” that hurt like hell to read. I was leaving good friends who spoke into my life like brothers. Still do.

This morning, 8BIT announced that they are closing their digital doors. So, John, Dewde, Tom, Jared…This is my farewell to 8BIT.

You guys as a team taught me a ton. Without your influence, I’d almost certainly have to wear shoes instead of flip flops to work today. And my job would be buried within some horrible corporate structure with the idea to climb that ladder until I got to the top, got bored, or died. Here are 10 things I learned from 8BIT: Continue reading “Farewell to 8BIT”