Christmas Yourself

I love getting packages in the mail. For me, it’s all about the drama. You buy something from Amazon, and they send you an email: “it’s shipped.” Wait a day and you’ll see that it’s “out for delivery”. And a short 48 hours after you paid, a smiling lady walks up to the door with a box and rings the doorbell.

This is how I starting Christmasing myself.

I took $100 and decided to do something nice for myself. I like books, so I bought a bunch. 15, I think. No special occasion, no reason, just wanted some books and decided to go a little overboard for the fun of it. Books by dead people…Mother Theresa, Plato, Henry Ford.

As it turns out, the good people at Amazon decided to send my packages via Fedex, UPS, and USPS. I spent yesterday with package deliverers lined up, waiting to drop off books.

And it was amazing. So much fun to rip open the boxes and look at the books and think about reading them. On my “love language” test, I don’t think I score very high for gifts. BUT I LOVED IT. Simple, cost $100, and great.

The Rules
The rules of Christmasing yourself are simple. No more than $100 and make sure to get lots of little things. Maybe even space them out on shipping so you don’t get everything all at once. And only once per year. Any more and it’s gluttony. 😉

The Challenge
The challenge I’m giving myself now is…how can I Christmas someone else? No reason, no particular timing. But the Bible gives Christians the motivation and the prompting to love others…sometimes…by Christmasing them.

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