Concept: Bug Tracker App


screengrab from Fogbugz
screengrab from Fogbugz

Once a website is built, the QA process involves using a software package like Fogbugz, Zoho Bugtracker, Redmine, or another. A dedicated, trained team submits bugs through a package built to handle any kind of development – online or offline (like application development).

It seems like the QA process has roots in traditional software development where you couldn’t capture a URL, much less the state of an application or the steps to reproduce. So we are stuck capturing that info manually. Continue reading “Concept: Bug Tracker App”

Concept: Idea Platform

The Problem

So many people walk around wanting to start something interesting, but don’t regularly encounter big opportunities in their everyday lives. Other people deeply need solutions to the frustrating issues that surround them. This relates back to the Trap of Small Thinking. A teacher at a school typically doesn’t have expertise to successfully pull off a web app for her kids, even though she might see an opportunity in the market.

The Solution

Imagine an online platform where people could submit ideas specific to the industry in which they work. It’d be similar to GitTip, a “simple platform.” Continue reading “Concept: Idea Platform”

Day Two: Concept – Re-stock Boring Items

The Problem

You’re sitting on the toilet, and reach for a roll of toilet paper. Fortunately you have some, but run out on the last wipe. “Dang it, gotta get more of that stuff.” Out of sight, out of mind. So you go back to the store, and forgot to write down TP, so you forget, and run out. This happens all the time (not just with toilet paper).

Maybe you blame yourself for lack of organization. But I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault. We can fix this.

There’s a whole class of consumer products that I never want to decide on brand again. These are everyday items that are essential to have, but once I’ve chosen a brand, I don’t care about alternatives. Continue reading “Day Two: Concept – Re-stock Boring Items”

All Business Concepts

I’ve been pumping out a concept or two a day, and currently have these ideas:

Reimbursement App
Simple church reimbursement tool so volunteers can stop wasting their time with paperwork.

Talk with Parents App
Coaches or Teachers need to stay in the loop with parents. This app connects them.

Restock App
When you run out of everyday items, use an app to restock automatically, not a list.


Will keep adding as we go!

Day Two: Concept – Talk with Parents App

The Problem

Several people have expressed the following frustration. They are teachers, or coaches, or sunday school directors and they have parents that need to be contacted about what’s happening.

One pastor friend said this…”I feel like the parents of our kids are totally out of the loop. How many kids actually send the form home that needs to be signed?”

This problem gets expressed in the following ways: Continue reading “Day Two: Concept – Talk with Parents App”

Day One: Reimbursement App

The Problem

A volunteer at a church goes to Walmart to buy some water and snacks for an event. The church now owes them $35. In order to get reimbursed, they go to to the office, fill out a form, wait a week, get an email and go back to the office for their check.

The process takes each volunteer an extra 45 minutes per request (driving, filling out forms, going to the bank) and requires a check to be printed, that check placed in an envelope, and the receipt filed. At the end of the month, mistakes have to be reconciled by flipping through a stack of receipts.

The Solution

Imagine a simple web application that allows volunteers and staff to submit reimbursement and expense requests from their phone. Take a picture of the receipt, enter in a few details, and you’re done.

For staff with an organization credit card, they’re done. For volunteers, the reimbursement will come in a day or two.

In the back office, a ministry leader got an email about the expense. He or she approves the expense by clicking a single button, and sends payment with a second button. “Approved…paid….done!”

Then at the end of the month, they’re able to download expenses to reconcile.

A Carefully Crafted Mockup

Cloud2go Oct 11, 2013, 4-37 PM


The Screen to Process Submissions.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 6.52.07 PM

Down the Road

  • Integrate with Quickbooks.
  • Reports showing who is spending what.
  • Could potentially create budgets directly in the app, and have monitoring for the team.


The reimbursement app makes it easier for the church to process and account for the money it’s spending. Also, the app saves a volunteer 45-60 minutes of useless effort, and the back-office expense person saves hours processing paperwork.


  • Likely a very low turnover rate. Customers will stay for a long time.
  • Strong niche advantage. There are comparatively few software companies looking at the church market.
  • Once the customer is set up, they will need little maintenance/support.
  • Builds a reputation of working with churches on money issues, without dealing with sensitive security issues or PCI compliance.


  • Involves a church-wide process adjustment. The onboarding process would be painful.
  • Even minor variations in church practice could result in custom development per client.
  • Churches are occasionally hesitant to spend any amount of money.
  • No natural viral growth advantage.
  • Few other competitors have entered this space. Why not?


This exercise is pointless without your feedback. In the comments, let us know what you think.